Here is a very cool miniHouse that
can be connected to the back of your truck and set on site without
a foundation: Plus, it
is not a trailer, but it still qualifies as a Recreational Vehicle.


Gehry’s Serpentine Gallery Pavillion

Frank Gehry’s latest work looks like a trash
pile of cool materials:
I would guess that walking through the space and experiencing the
shadows and light that is created by the unusual structure is
unique and interesting. It would also seem that the materials
themselves invite a user to touch and feel the warmth of the
structure, but visually it is just too much to get past that it
looks like a collapsed structure.
Gehry’s Serpentine Gallery Pavillion

Universal Design – Accessibility

Here is a home designed for Universal Design in
Washington D.C that was sponsored by AARP:
I know that it is tempting to design homes with doors that are less
than 3′-0″ or bathrooms that are not wheelchair accessible, but
after taking care of my grandmother in my 1970s home, I will make
sure that my firm will at least follow fair housing guidelines and
at most go with the ANSI 117.1 standards or a Universal Design.
Most of the design elements that are in Fair Housing Guidelines are
not cost prohibitive and actually make good design sense, so for
any type of residential construction this should be required. For
the Fair Housing Design Manual, please go to this HUD link:
Here is a link for Universal Design:
Universal Design – Accessibility